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Blueberry Pre-Orders (2022 Season)

Pre-orders will be available starting March 1st, 2022

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Pre-order Info

Pre-orders will open up on March 1, 2022 and close on May 31, 2022. We limit the number of pre-orders and will close early if we reach that limit.

Minimum pre-order will continue to be 50lbs. If you pre-order, we will expect that you can be available for pickup during the latter half of July and into the first half of August.

We will not accept pre-orders prior to March 1 or after they are closed. There is a limited quota and we cannot go past that amount and still guarantee delivery. 

We will not be having a reserve (waiting) list this year.

Once pre-orders open up, our form will be active on this page. It is definitely our preferred method, as it will log your pre-order and send you an automatic confirmation. You can also call us at 250-479-7166 or email us at

If you do not get a confirmation, please reach out. We will be monitoring the form so we do not miss anyone. 

There is a high demand for pre-orders, but we only reserve a portion of the crop for pre-orders. There will be berries available for sale at the farm should you miss getting a pre-order in.

- Meadowbrook Farm Team

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