Fresh & Frozen Blueberries

Fresh berries are only available during the season. Frozen may be available in the off season. Please call ahead.

Our blueberries are grown without sprays or pesticides. You will not need to wash these berries. Picked the day before and chilled overnight for maximum flavour. 

We grade our blueberries before they leave the field so we can offer you only the best berries.

Flat (10 lb.)


Your best value and the only size likely to make it home without being eaten first.

Pre-Ordered Flat (10 lb.)


Pre-season we do offer pre-orders. We only book a limited poundage for each season. Pre-order below.

Basket (3 lb.)


Good to share with friends, if you are looking for a snack.

Pint (~1 lb)


Our most portable offering. Better hide it from everyone else though. This pint is meant for one.

Frozen Blueberries   
(5 lb. bag)


We bag our berries at the end of the day to freeze. Pre-portioned in 5 lb. freezer bags for you to take home and enjoy later.